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Counseling: Private Practice, Individuals and Couples
New York, Princeton, Philadelphia area
Private Classes: Workshops, Leadership training series, the Wise Club 1982-

Assistant Professor of Philosophy:
          Columbia University
          State University of New York at Stony Brook



Columbia University Ph.D. with distinction Philosophy, specialty in ethics
Radcliffe College M.A. Musicology
Cornell University B.A. Major in music


“Adam Smith’s Newtonian Ideals,” Adam Smith Review 11 forthcoming 2018
“Moral Certainty,” Philosophy Now 118 (Feb-Mar) 2017
*“Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand: A Brief History,” Adam Smith Review 9: 88-104 2017
“Town-Gown Collaboration: The Example of Eighteenth-Century Scotland,” The Independent Scholar 2016
“The Life and Death of Common Sense,” Philosophy Now 109 2015
“‘That Mystery of Mysteries’ (the Origin of Species),” Philosophy Now 105 (Nov-Dec) 2014
“Consilience,” Philosophy Now 95, (Mar/April), 25-27 2013
“Always or Never: Two Approaches to Ceteris Paribus,” Erkenntnis 77, 317-33 2012
“Hypotheses (Non) Fingo,” Philosophy Now 88, 20-23 2012
“The ‘Sub-rational’ in Scottish Moral Science,” Journal of Scottish Philosophy 9, 225-38 2011
“Aristotle and the Argument to End All Arguments,” in Just the Arguments: 100 of the Most Important Arguments in Western Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell), 98-100 2011

“Parsimony, In as Few Words as Possible,” Philosophy Now 81 (Oct/Nov)


“Two Wise Clubs: The Legacy of Thomas Reid and the Scottish Enlightenment,” International Journal of Independent Scholars, inaugural issue

Footnote to a Footnote (Letter to the Editor), Isis 100, no.4, 861-62 2009
“Don’t Blame Adam Smith,” Philosophy Now 73 (May/June) 2009
“The Better-Best Fallacy,” Philosophy Now  70 (Nov/Dec) 2008
“Is Philosophy Progressive?” Philosophy Now 59 (Jan/Feb) 2007
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“John Herschel,” Philosophy Now 48 (Nov/Dec), 32-35 2004
“The Enlightenments,” Philosophy Now 40 (March/April) 2003
“Why Philosophy Matters, or Just Say ‘If’,” The Independent Scholar 17:1 2003
“Taming the Skeptical Dragon,” Philosophy Now 35 (March/April) 2002
Review of Robert Fritz, Creating, Association for Humanistic Psychology, Perspective (Aug/Sept), 20 2002
“The Noble Legacy (and Present Eclipse) of Independent Scholarship,” The Independent Scholar 14:1 2000
Review of Anne Wilson Schaef, Living in Process, Association for Humanistic Psychology, Perspective (Feb/March), 28-30 2000
“The Invisible Hand of Natural Selection, and Vice Versa,” Biology and Philosophy 13, 427-42 1998
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“How to Confuse Commitment with Obligation,” Journal of Philosophy 72, 276-284 1975


Secretary, Board of Directors, Global Bach Community
Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society
Research Scholar, Ronin Institute
U.S. Board of Editorial Advisors, Philosophy Now
American Philosophical Association
History of Science Society (ISIS)
National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS)
Princeton Research Forum
International Adam Smith Society


March 2017: Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy, Princeton
March 2016: Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society, Pittsburgh
July 2015: Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society, Rotterdam
June 2015: National Coalition of Independent Scholars, Yale University, New Haven
October 2014: Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society, Montreal

June 2014: International Society for Intellectual History, University of Toronto

July 2013: International Adam Smith Society, Sorbonne, Paris
June 2013: International Society for Intellectual History, Princeton University
September 2012: Conference on Scottish Common Sense, Princeton Theological Seminary
April 2012: Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society, Columbia, South Carolina
July 2011: Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society, Aberdeen, Scotland
March 2011: Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies, Penn State University, Ambler
June 2010: Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society, Princeton
March 2010: American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Albuquerque
January 2009: Adam Smith Society, Balliol College, Oxford University
October 2004: National Coalition of Independent Scholars, New York City
April 2003: Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society, Charleston, South Carolina
October 2002: National Coalition of Independent Scholars, Vancouver
October 2000: National Coalition of Independent Scholars, Raleigh, North Carolina
March 2000: Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Savannah


Phi Beta Kappa

1961 Mabel Daniels Award for a musical composition
2009 NCIS travel/ presentation grant for paper presented at Balliol College, Oxford
2011 PRF Frances C. Hutner Presentation Grant for paper presented in Aberdeen
2015 PRF Frances C. Hutner Presentation Grant for paper presented in Rotterdam
*2017 Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize


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